Monday, December 15, 2014

Week's End || December 15



1|| It was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on Friday the 12th, so the staff at our school all wore one! I picked up a plain red sweater from Value Village, along with some decorations, and sewed up one pretty ugly sweater. One of the kids said it was so ugly that it was cute, haha! I came across a sweater cookie cutter and decided to make a big batch of ugly Christmas sweater cookies for my coworkers. It sounds SO cliche, but I loved the feeling I got when everyone enjoyed them on their breaks.
2|| I put together my secret Santa package for the #GreatChristmasExchange2014. It was supposed to be mailed out on Wednesday, but I ran out of packing tape..then forgot to pick some up...then forgot the packages at home...and forgot them at home again. Well, Monday it's going out for sure! (I'm not usually this bad...)
3|| The CPR Holiday Train goes through Canada every December, and I wasn't able to go with my mom and younger sister this year. It was something we did together for the past couple years, but we're provinces apart this holiday. Instead, I drove to my older sister's and we took my nephews. It was their first time! I definitely enjoyed the weather in BC better as we couldn't feel our toes, thighs, and faces, haha! They boys loved it though :)

1|| Aren't these wallpapers perfect for December?!
2|| This is the recipe I used for the sweater cookies. So good!
3|| My husband's favourite holiday treat is butter tarts. This recipe looks simple and yummy.
4|| Next year, I'll be doing this with Rob's nephews and niece!
5|| Next Christmas I can't wait to have our own tree and our own place to decorate. I'll definitely be making these for my husband.

xo. Nicole


  1. I love the cookie cut out! how cute!!! enter my giveaway! :)

  2. I love that your whole school participated! I have a sweater cookie cutter specifically for ugly sweater party cookies!!!! What fun!

  3. Those cookies look seriously delicious.

    I didn't realize the CPR train came already, I've always wanted to go but I miss is every year. :(