Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Currently v.03

Ah, another link up that I soo enjoy doing. December is looking like a swell month, despite my husband's lack of knowing where his things are, and my new car already having troubles. The hubby lost his wallet AND his car keys today. Thankfully, his wallet was returned, but his keys are still MIA. Today on my way to work, my temperature gauge on my car decided to drop to "cold" and my dashboard told me "ENGINE HOT. A/C OFF" Well, my a/c wasn't on, and my engine definitely wasn't overheating. My brother in law is about 90% sure it's just a sensor. A cheap, and hopefully quick fix to do this weekend. When will my car troubles end?

Making || This weekend, I'll be writing Christmas cards with Rob's nephews and niece. I hope to get to baking a pie this weekend, too! I'm looking forward to getting some Christmas baking started soon, but it's so hard to narrow it down where to begin. Do you have any favourites (gluten free or not!)?

Listening || Last Friday at work, we had NO kids in our class as there was a pretty brutal snowstorm blowing through, so we listened to Christmas music as we did some prep work. Otherwise, it's usually just T-Swift's new album while I'm running at the gym (go me!!).

Wrapping || I just finished wrapping like, 4 gifts on Sunday! I'm proud of myself for getting half my shopping done so early. I also "wrapped" some snail mail that was long overdue and sent it out on Monday. I've been using some lovely twine and stickers from Thatch & Thistle to wrap the gifts, and I can't wait to place another order! I forgot to add washi tape to my cart last time ;)

Watching || No Christmas movies yet, just Supernatural. We've finished watching Numb3rs and a few other series on Netflix, and this one was next on our list. I may or may not have my eyes closed and head turned for about 70% of each episode, but it's a really great show!

Anticipating || It sounds soo corny, but I am TOO excited to give everyone their gifts this year. I've been supporting small business instead of making the gifts by hand this year, so it's been a little easier to shop. Next year when we're in our own house, I'll have more room to have all my crafting supplies out and then gifts will be mostly handmade again! I'm also anticipating a Christmas cookie swap with my coworkers, and Winter break!

I'm linking up my currentlies with Anne and Jenna. I hope you pop over to see what everyone else is up to, or to just say hi. :) Happy first week of December!


  1. My favourite Christmas baking would have to be whipped shortbread cookies. Nothing says Christmas Holiday Season to me like they do :) I also love a great decorated sugar cookie too. And gingerbread men. I'll stop there because my list could keep going lol. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. That's so fun to be excited about handing out gifts... and I'm doing my Christmas baking favorite this weekend: cutout cookies! Having some lady friends over to decorate and can't wait. A pie sounds lovely too though :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love watching Numb3rs ! I was sad when that show ended! And having your own home changes it all ! I am sure you will get even more excited! I actually used to hate Christmas until I got my own place! I wish I had the perfect gift for each person to be excited for that part!
    I love gluten free chocolate chip cookies! Or GF oatmeal! :)

  4. I loved it too, but the Series Finale did not meet my expectations. I thought there would totally be another season until I googled it.
    I've also been told Christmas is amazing when you have kids, which we do not have yet. Our own place AND kids would be a dream, haha

    Mmmm, GF chocolate chip cookies sounds divine

  5. Oooo, whipped shortbread cookies?! That sounds amazing! Sugar cookies are pretty amazing, too :) I hope you have a wonderful week too!

  6. Having friends over to do some decorating sounds like such a good idea! I hope you have fun!

  7. I still think that is so crazy that y'all had to go to work despite it being dangerous to travel on the roads. I'm glad you stayed safe! I am hoping and praying for a few snow days this year!

  8. I've only seen a few episodes of Supernatural, but I keep saying I'm going to watch it - I loved what I saw! I'm the same way with gifts for next year - we do have our own house this year, but we are still in the unpacking stage so I'm hoping next year I'll have an area and everything to go mostly handmade!

  9. We've had so many less snow days like that since this post! It's nice, one of our calmest winters in a while. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts :)

  10. I hope that 2015 is great for you! You really should watch Supernatural, but not alone for the first 2 seasons, haha. After that it gets more comical. I still got the chance to make some gifts, like a canvas for my sister and some sharpie mugs - just no sewing and gluing and such. Next year, though!