Monday, December 1, 2014

Week's End || December 1


1|| Gunner finally has his cone off! He's been taking full advantage and cuddling us like there's no tomorrow. This is his "can I come on the bed? Can I??" face!
2|| Tess is soooo thoughtful! It was such a nice surprise to come home from a long day at work, and have unexpected fun mail waiting for me. I love me some sparkly nail stickers, and Rob's favourite colour is blue - that's a win win situation.
3|| We got hit with SO much snow! Obviously, not as much as parts of New York, but that's a lot for only 36 hours of snow fall. None of the kids in the classroom showed up, so we had lots of time to do prep work. It was my turn to drive on Friday, but I couldn't get my car out of the trailer park. My coworker decided it was best that we went in her truck.
4|| Gift wrapping has started! I'm about halfway done shopping, but it feels nice to have half of it completely done. I'm using stickers and twine from my new favourite shop, Thatch & Thistle :)

1|| Shared my first ever mood board. It worked out well for my first time!
2|| There's a link up + a giveaway going on right now!!

1|| Rebekah shared some important information if you're a make up lover. ;)
2|| Amanda's husband is hilarious
3|| It annoys me to no end when people ask why I thought it would be a good idea to marry young. First off, mind your own beeswax. Second, this.
4|| Do you take part in these things? I'm tempted to for December!
5|| Mmmm, this is a tasty twist on hot chocolate.

xo. Nicole


  1. I love the snow, and gifts, and hot coco! PS: that marriage article was fun :)

  2. They're some of the best things about Winter/Christmas! And yes, that article makes so much sense and each point I read, I was like "yes, yes, yes!"