Monday, September 22, 2014

Weeks End || September 23

1|| Oh how I love Julep nail polish. This red is the perfect colour to start off my nail polish choices for Fall. It didn't last very long for some reason...but it looked really good with the knit cardigans that I wore all week!
2|| Another perfect colour for Fall! More Julep, of course. I also put a stardust finish on my ring fingers, as I hadn't done an accent nail in a while. Hoping that it last a little longer than the red.

1|| Part 03 of my Fitness Journey is self love (though really, that's all parts of the journey).
2|| Mmmm, a yummy gluten free apple pie filling

1|| Raw til 4: tips for avoiding soreness.
2|| I seriously couldn't agree more with Amanda. Gunner and Koshka are definitely my babies, just extra furry.
3|| A heavy topic, but a must read. I think we'll all go through this experience, be it ourselves or a friend/family member, or even just someone you know.
4|| A giant portion of losing weight, or maintaining a healthy body is what we eat. Exercise can only do so much! Jessica shared what she eats during the day.

Yesterday, Rob's sister and her family came over for a BBQ lunch, because my car broke down (again!) and his brother-in-law was diagnosing the problem. This is the 3rd car that I've gone through in the past year! All of our vehicle troubles started when we moved to Alberta. I'm so done, and ready for a new vehicle that won't break down every couple months. Though, it turns out the problem was a loose cap on the coolant reservoir. D'oh!

As always, I'm linking up with Beth from Oak & Oats. So many new blogs to read on my Monday evenings, I love it. :)

xo. Nicole


  1. Love the nailpolish! I am wearing the gray Juleup right now!

  2. I have heard SO many good things about Julep! And that red color is're starting to convince me a little!

  3. Ooo, what is the name? I may have it! My favourite gray is "Winter"

  4. Hehe, they're pretty awesome. I was on a hiatus for a little while, but I'm purchasing the October box. I have an affiliate link on my sidebar if you're super interested, and the first box is free with code FREEBOX :)

  5. My goodness, I totally don't have Daria.