Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MFJ v.03 || Self Love

A part of my fitness journey is self love. It's one of the most important things, in my opinion, to love yourself first. As I've read before, we should be exercising and eating better because we love our bodies, not because we hate them

I came across Crystal's guest post on Kenzie's blog, and realized that I need to take more time out of my day to think about what I love about myself and my life. She wrote an amazing post, and gave a list of questions to prompt me/us to get started on our self love. Today, I'm going to do my best to answer those questions. Will you?

1|| What about yourself makes you feel the most confident? 
This is a difficult question, but I'm going to say opening up my wardrobe. I'm becoming more "out there" when picking new clothing to buy, and finding items that are better suited to my body type now. Before, I felt comfortable to wear tank tops without a cardigan, but now I feel comfortable in a cardigan and a scarf.

2|| What 3 things do you like about your personality?
I'm empathetic, I don't put up with crap from other people, and I'm occasionally outgoing. I like that I'm comfortable spending time alone, but that I can be outgoing with people when I need to be.

3|| What's one moment that you saved the day for someone else?
I'm not sure it would be considered "saving" the day, but I've made people's days better by paying for their drinks at Starbucks. They're usually complete strangers, but it always gives me a warm feeling inside that wasn't from my latte.

4|| What are at least 2 physical attributes that you love and wouldn't change a thing about?
My eyes and my nose. My eyes are a really nice green, and my husband loves them. They're also the same as my mom and sisters, so that's a plus! My nose because, it's me. I don't think any other nose would look good.


5|| What's one skill that you've mastered enough to be able to teach it to someone?
I've come to get the hang of blogging, and using Blogger, enough to help out some fellow bloggers who have just started. I remember how lost I felt when I first started out, and I don't want others to feel as lost. I don't know much and haven't mastered it, but I know enough to help!

Will you answer these questions?

xo. Nicole

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