Friday, November 22, 2013

28 Days of Thankful || Week 3

Week three was hard. Our stress levels are through the roof right now with both of our vehicles working on and off, so I guess I could basically just say that this week I am extra thankful for family. They've let us use a vehicle while mine is in the shop, and are genuinely helping us through it all. 

While being extra super duper thankful for family, there were a few more things I could think of and take pictures of for the Instagram project. I'm trying to do all 7 days, but life gets in the way sometimes:

1 || Gunner is always watching us, and it makes me feel like he'll protect us through anything.
2 || Naps. Especially with this boy. His thing lately is to jump on our bed, get into a spooning position and snore, snore, snore!
3 || Cozy inside. My dad is out there right now in -12C weather towing people out of ditches and such, all so he can pay rent so that we can live here and save up for our own place.

What were you thankful for during week three? If you're participating, leave your Instagram username in the comments below and I'll be sure to follow along :) 

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