Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Package Swap! - The Reaping

(Don't you just love that Hunger Games reference? I do.) Anywaaaayyss, the November Package Swap is underway! There are only a few tributes this month, and that's perfectly okay :) There were a few hiccups during the October Swap, but those are expected to happen and November is always a little better than October (HELLOOO Christmas is only a month away?).

You can see what I got by clicking here (still so in love with everything)!
Sam received hers from me and you can see that by clicking here!
Megan received hers as well and it's alllll here!

This month our tributes are:

Nicole F 
from A Broke Bride

Nicole V

Amanda E

Megan O

I picked the names the exact same way as last month's (except in a bowl, not a basket) and this is what happened:
That seriously worked out perfectly. 

I am so excited!

So, if the picture didn't load or it was hard to see:

Amanda is sending a package to Nicole F (@nicloemax)
Nicole V is sending a package to Megan (@MeganOakley14)
Megan is sending a package to Amanda (@amandagoesmeep)
Nicole F is sending a package to Nicole V (@TheJasperGypsy)


xo. Nicole


  1. Yay! I am so excited for this!!

  2. Oh boy! I can't wait.

    Thanks for hosting another swap, Nicole.

  3. Can I assume you have my address from the last package? I forgot to check with you.

    1. bahaha no. Your package is almost done, though.