Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bumpdate || 13 Weeks

Thanks to my grandma for taking the picture. We have some practicing to do, but we have ~7 more months of practice ;) Also, pretty sure the bump is mostly perogies but I can't suck it in sooo...

Also, the picture says 1st trimester, though many say after 12 weeks is the 2nd. Well, my midwife and some apps say 14 weeks is the second trimester so I'm just going by that.

How far along: 13 weeks
Gender: Unknown. I still feel it's a girl, while Rob keeps calling it 'he'. Heartrate says 156bpm...
Weight gain: Not sure - refusing to weigh myself
Maternity clothes: Not yet but I'm juuuust about ready to bite the bullet and buy some jeans/tank tops.
Sleep: Waking up around 3am super nauseas for a half hour, then back to sleep. Getting up more frequently to pee because I can actually drink water now without throwing it up. Otherwise, sleeping pretty soundly with some crazy dreams including one about Rob in a car fire and bleeding out every hole on his face!
Best moment this week: Getting some of my life back! I had to go on meds for my all-day-nausea and it's been really nice to not feel nauseas. I finally went for a pretty decent (1 hour) walk the other day. I'll slowly get back to jogging just in time for the ice and snow to show up. Also, 2 ultrasounds this past week!
Worst moment this week: Breaking down and going to the hospital on Saturday night because one sip of water would come up 5 minutes later. I was there for about 6 hours (2 was waiting, while barfing stomach acid into dog poop baggies because it was all I had) on an IV getting rehydrated and pumped with some safe meds.
Miss anything: How my body and mind felt when I did Whole30 and was at my lowest weight. I felt so good about myself, and could wear anything in my closet without being self conscious. Now that I'm not so nauseas, I can get back to my healthy eating and hopefully get back into the mind frame, while still being pregnant and knowing my stomach is going to balloon.
Movement: None yet. This morning I could feel some growing pain-like cramps, so hopefully this bump will really pop soon so I actually look pregnant!
Cravings: McDonald's breakfast. I've only had it once...twice..this past 2 weeks. Other than that, fruit and a beautiful concoction of sparkling water with orange juice and ice!
Queasy or sick: It's still there until I take my meds in the morning.
Looking forward to: Seeing my midwife next week and finding out the gender on October 6/7th!

I had two ultrasounds and skipped a 12 week bumpdate because one ultrasound was the dating scan, which told me I was 12 weeks that day and my previous bumpdate was actually 11 weeks 3 days then. Oi vey! That ultrasound tech told me I was 12 weeks that day and that baby was 4 cm long. For my second ultrasound, the NT screening, the lady told me I was still on track but baby was 6 cm and the previous tech was wrong about the length. So now I'm not 100% sure what my date is, because wouldn't I be further along than 12 weeks if it was longer? But I'm going by the first ultrasound for my due date. Cooonnnfusing! 

Anyways, here's the two pictures I've received, one from each scan!

xo. Nicole

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