Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rockin' Red

After the month of April, I'm officially unsubscribed from Ipsy. I loved the subscription and the quality of the products, but I have way too many unused products now. This last one, my March Glam Bag, was amazing. I've rocked the NYX cream lip stick a couple times and I always get compliments.
I've also used the hair volumizer (the purple bottle) a couple times, but I haven't noticed a big enough change it buy it or elaborate anymore on it. The nail file will come in handy as I've been noticing myself biting my nails too much :( Stress will do that to you.
The first picture was from St. Patrick's Day, and my glam bag arrived the evening before. Perfect timing! I had also recently dyed my hair red (looks pretty brown in the pictures), and the red lip stick compliments it pretty well. It looked great with the green scarf and cardigan too ;) The lip stick lasts all day, with only a few minor touch ups after eating. I've never been taught how to apply it properly so that it doesn't fade so much near the middle, but I'll learn eventually.
I'll have one last review of an Ipsy bag in the next week or so. My April glam bag is expected to arrive on Thursday or Friday of this week!

My younger sister took the plunge and subscribed. I can't wait to see what she gets in her first bag and how she uses everything! The price really isn't bad at all. Where I live in Canada, including shipping, only $20 is taken out of my account. I want to stress that I'm not stopping because of my experience. I'm stopping because I just have too many wonderful products to use up before I continue spending money every month on more. 

Have you received an Ipsy bag? What was your experience and/or favourite product from a bag?

xo. Nicole

*I am no way affiliated with Ipsy. I am simply sharing a product I love.

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