Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Charming Review

I finally broke down and purchased a Charmed Aroma candle. I know all about the reviews and iffy-ness of the ring quality, but I still gave in. My finger hasn't turned green yet, but I also don't wear the ring everyday.
It took a couple hours in the evening and a couple hours the next morning or burning to reveal the tip of the wax. Mine was right behind the label, against the edge. I should have waited longer to take it out, but I was excited! As a result, I ripped the tin foil and plastic wrap, getting wax all over the ring.
This scent is actually super nice! It's a vanilla-y, toned down, citrus and it's quite pleasant. I wasn't sure what to expect from it. The candle doesn't last very long (at least I think so), as I've burnt it for a couple hours at a time and it's already just about done. 
I hope the picture above isn't too grainy for you! My ring is valued at $40, but it's actually missing most of the mini (guessing fake) diamonds. It's mostly cut to make it look shiny and full of diamonds, haha! The price isn't too terrible, though it is a little high. I'm determined to get one of each scent over the next couple months!

Have you ever received a Charmed Aroma candle? What was our experience?

xo. Nicole

*I am no way affiliated with Charmed Aroma. This was just a review of my experience.

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