Monday, May 26, 2014

Week's End // Link up!


1|| It has been so hot in Alberta! Gunner keeps hogging the 2 fans that we have going in our room right now. But, he also loves this weather because it means more trips to the park and he gets to go in to the kiddie pool!

2|| I did NOT feel like painting my nails, but I wanted them to look nice, so I used my Impress Manicure set. I won them for completing my badge tasks for Influenster! After a night's sleep, an AM shower, and doing my hair, they've held on pretty good. I had to cut and file them, but I love it!

3|| It brightens up my day when my friends send me snapshots of their weeks. It's been so nice, so my friend decided to chalk up the pathway in her backyard. Isn't it so colorful??

4|| My husband can't have gluten, so I'm always kind of looking for some gluten free flour to use. I usually just go with Bob's Red Mill, but I had heard a lot about the Robin Hood stuff. Well, I made banana bread for a potluck at did NOT turn out so well. Even after adding an extra egg and banana, it still turned out so dry that I needed some water to actually swallow it. 


1|| I reviewed my Julep Mystery Box! I finally got something other than nail polish in my box, and I wasn't disappointed. The colors? Not so much.

2|| My friend and I found some inspiration from Sam (My Latest Obsession) and made our own bracelets! They were fun and easy to make. 

Thanks for catching up on my week with me! I want to make this a weekly thing, and my motivation came from Elizabeth's Link up! Be sure to check it out :)

How was your week?

xo. Nicole


  1. The chalk on the stones looks great!

    1. Thanks Natalye! It brightened up my day when she sent me that picture :) I'll be sure to pass on your nice comment to her!