Monday, May 19, 2014

Craft Night!

This past Saturday, my friend from work came over and we decided to have a craft night. We ventured out to Wal Mart and Michaels, and found all of our supplies to make...bracelets! I received some bracelets in the mail a while ago from Sam, as part of Craft it Forward. I recently wore them to work and my coworker was pawing at them all day, saying that she loved them. We brainstormed, and figured that we could make some of our own. Sam did a way better job on hers though, and she sells them in her shop! Hers also fit a little nicer. If you like these bracelets, you should definitely check out her shop :)

We used some cheap bangles, wrapped them in strips of fabric, and then coiled some wire around it. They're a bit tight, but I love the fabric I chose. 

These were really fun to make! We're currently trying to think up some more cheap and simple crafts to do for next craft night. Do you have any ideas?

xo. Nicole

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