Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween: 7 Deadly Sins Link Party!

I've been away from the blog for a little while, but really it's just been work, dog park, home. Not much to blog about! While relaxing the other night and reading some blogs, I came across Cara's post and thought it could be fun to do! I'm never good at these kinds of questions, but why not give it a shot!?

Anyways, I hope you participate!
Happy Halloween!

Seven great things in your life:

01. My marriage. It's only been 4 months, but it's amazing.
02. Family. Not sure where we'd be today without them.
03. Falls in to family, but my animals.
04. The fact that I haven't been unemployed in a long time. 
05. Coffee. How could I not put that here?
06. The friends who have stuck by my side through it all. Wedding planning? I almost went nuts!
07. The fact that I only get pimples once a month? That's pretty great.

Seven things you lack and covet:

01. The ability to save my money the way that I should.
02. To be honest, a freaking baby! When it's the right time, one will come along.
03. Patience. 
04. Motivation. It's been out the window for a looong time!
05. A healthy version of myself.
06. Time. Not enough hours in the day to get everything done!
07. More blog posts, haha!

Seven things that make you angry:

01. Horrible drivers. How do you have your license?!
02. Rude people. 
03. My lack of motivation.
04. When my cat plays with the blinds/curtains at 3am because she tipped her bowl of food over.
05. Repetition. Beats in a song, sometimes routine, being told the obvious.
06. Another TBH, when people lack common sense. Bad? 
07. Trolls on the internet. Get over yourself! 

Seven things that you neglect to do:

01. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Can I just make that all 7?
02. Eat healthy. Chips are easier to grab, especially when we don't sell fruit at work...
03. Walk my dog more. (Just judge me already and get it over with).
04. Be consistent. 
05. Keep in touch with old friends, and family.
06. Read. Magazines count, right?
07. Cook dinner for us!

Seven worldly material desires:

01. I was gifted a Michael Kors wallet, and now I want every purse!
02. To be comfortable with the money in our bank account.
03. New boots!
04. A house with an acreage.
05. To be able to get manicures and pedicures every month.
06. A nice, professional camera. Tired of my iPhone!
07. I have noooooooo idea!

Seven guilty pleasures:

01. A comfy bed. Once I sit on it after work, I'm done.
02. Coffee.
03. Waking up and falling asleep while playing on my phone. Bad?
04. Venting to my step-mom about our coworkers who do nothing!
05. Gossip magazines. 
06. Sounds weird, but just giving my dog a bunch of bones so he's quiet for a while.  
07. Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant. I can't get enough.

Seven things you love about love:

01. When I think of love, I think of Rob. So knowing we're always together, for life!
02. Knowing someone is there when I get home, or when I need someone.
03. Having someone understand me.
04. Butterflies in my stomach.
05. Laughing all the time.
06. Holding hands never gets old.
07. The commitment.

Be sure to head back over to SHANE'S BLOG and link up with your own answers!

xo. Nicole

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