Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Change

Well, we made it to Alberta! I moved with the animals 2 weeks before Rob did. Although it was a rough 2 weeks, the animals and I survived long enough to welcome Rob to Alberta in the middle of September. I started work at a drugstore with my Step-Mom, and Rob starts his electrician apprenticeship tomorrow! I'm going to start looking for jobs in my field of's just finding the time and energy, or just not procrastinating. 
The weeks I was without my husband was eventful to say the least. Gunner got sick twice, where he couldn't even keep water in him and woke me up through out the night needing to go outside pretty quickly. Rob and I agreed to wait and see what happened, and both times Gunner got better after 12 hours. Our theory is a change in the water, and just the change in general. He's doing awesome now!

My car decided one day on my way to work that it would just lose it's engine plug and stop working. Thankfully my dad is a tow truck driver and was able to pick up my car when he started his shift. The only payment was a hug! Today, it got towed to my sister-in-law's house so her husband can so graciously fix my car. 

Two nights ago, Koshka got out through our bedroom window and she was nowhere to be found. Rob was sure if she wanted to, or was able to come back, she would have. All I could think of was my poor baby trapped somewhere, attacked by an animal, or just lost in general. Thankfully this morning at around 6:00am, Rob woke me up because he heard Koshka meowing outside our window! It was like a movie how I ran outside to get her! We made eye contact and ran towards each other, haha! I'm glad and so relieved to have her back inside, safe and sound.

My goal is to have some more wedding posts up pretty soon! Thanks for being so patient with me! :)

xo. Nicole

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