Monday, May 13, 2013

What To Wear: Bachelorette Party!

This isn't so much of a "what to wear" post, as it is a "here are the only good pictures from my bachelorette party as my party kept the drinks coming." I had a blast and I wouldn't have changed anything! We rented a limousine for the night and went to The Blarney Stone in downtown Vancouver. 
While at the pub, my maid of honor googled a list of things to do at a bachelorette. A big list came up and I to do stuff like find someone with the same name as the groom, find a guy to take off his boxers and give them to you for a picture, kiss a bald man's head, get a piggy back from a guy, etc.. You bet I did all of those! We had a lot of fun going around to all the tables asking everyone what they're names were and scoping for bald men. 

Dress: Wet Seal
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Ardene
Accessories: Spencer's

xo. Nicole

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