Sunday, April 7, 2013

We Moved!

Two months ago, our room mate lost his job. We gave him a good month's notice to find a job or move out, and he decided to not find a job so we kicked him out. It was probably the best thing we could have done because we are much happier in the one bedroom unit we moved in to! We only moved down 2 floors, but it's better all around.
It has a fireplace! We won't be using it because it has a cheap cover on it that the cat's already tried to go through, and we don't want her to jump in and track every thing through the house. I love having the brick, though!
I never realized how much junk food we had. I've had to dedicate an entire cupboard to it. Maybe if I start baking, it will all disappear? Most of the stuff in here isn't Gluten Free so it appears I'll be making it and giving it away to coworkers and friends. Nothing wrong with a little sharing :)
Koshka's never been outside and so all she does now is meow and stare out the patio door. There's a cat mafia (as we call them) outside and I'm too scared for her to be sucked in to it, or get on the wrong side of them. I've been thinking about getting her a leash and a harness to gradually make her way outside..
One of the best things since we moved is that Gunner has a little back yard! I bought a stake and a cable/leash and he just looooves it outside. This is easier to house train him as well, as just today he sat at the patio door and put his paw on the window to go outside. One step closer to being house trained! He's 17 weeks old in this picture and tomorrow he's 18 weeks :)

It's only 70 days until the wedding! R's Aunt bought us all the burlap that we needed, so I get to finish making the centerpieces, favors (yeah...we decided to make favors anyways), and my bouquet! I think I get it tomorrow and I'm pumped to have everything done. 

We also booked the DJ! R found him online and this guy does more than just music. He's a little expensive, but we've found a way to make it work (ie. a family member is going to help us!!) and so we're putting the deposit down next Thursday when we meet up with him. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's so exciting to have everything moving along with the wedding!

xo. Nicole

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