Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Our Valentine's Day this year wasn't totally conventional for a couple getting married in 4 months. We sat around at home, I baked cupcakes, we took the dog to the dog park, had a couple friends over, played Worms, and then made hamburgers for dinner. Wedding weight loss was definitely not a success yesterday....or this morning.
The cupcakes are the only thing I took a picture of yesterday. I enjoyed our day together. We couldn't really afford to go out for dinner or buy gifts for each other and I am A-Okay with that. It's a Hallmark holiday anyways and we show each other love all year round.
We've made progress on our February Wedding To-Do list! For the music, we've decided to use a DJ. We know we said we would do it ourselves with speakers and an iPod, but it's going to cost about the same to rent the speakers and such, so a DJ is just less hassle and a LOT less stressful. I'm glad we came to this conclusion about the music. 

Allison just emailed me the final drafts of the invitations! They're super awesome and I can't wait to share them with you!

xo. Nicole

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  1. Congrats! 4 months are going to pass before you know it! :)