Friday, February 8, 2013

4.5 Months Away!

Guys, the wedding is only four and a half months away and there's still so much to do! I've been finding a lot of inspiration in different places, but mostly Pinterest. It really helps, but it also confuses me on which ideas I want and can use. My little Pinterest Strike didn't go as planned...

I've decided to set myself a checklist for February of what needs to be done this month. It's on my calendar that's on my fridge, so I should see it every day to remind myself.
  • Invitations - People need to reply by April 30 so they should be going out by the end of this month, tops. Allison is almost done! She's sent me proofs, and I am tooooo excited to see the finished product!
  • Flowers - Why the hell should I spend SO much money on bouquets that I'll be holding for 2 hours? No thank you! That money can definitely be saved or go towards something else. I've decided on Paper Flowers and/or fake flowers. It won't look cheap unless you're at the wedding and you're a very judgmental person. We're young and broke, why waste money on flowers?
  • Rental Equipment - Our venue is supplying a TON of the necessities, like tables and table cloths, but they don't supply many decorations. They told us about a lady who makes wedding supplies and rents them out to people. I've contacted her and her prices are pretty reasonable and she has some stuff that I like. It's now just finding the time this month to go to her shop in Langley, BC.
  • Hotels - Before the invitations go out, I need to research hotels in the area and go about booking a ton of rooms for out-of-town guests (which is practically the whole guest list).
  • Registries - Every time that Rob and I are in the mall I mention we could pop in to one of the stores and do a registry, but he always just wants us to plan a day to do it. Well, I've started the planning for that and I have a couple days off next week. These will help with the bridal shower!
  • Centerpieces - This is a project that could be done in February or March. I just want to get them done and over with so I can worry about other things. I have to make those paper flowers before I can make these, though.
  • Fabric - I need to research good deals on burlap and lace if I'm going to create the vision I had in mind for all the tables.
  • Music - We've opted out of having a DJ (so far) and have decided to just use our iPod and speakers. It worked at my sister-in-law's wedding, so why not ours?
How's your wedding planning going?

xo. Nicole


  1. Oh my goodness, this is a big list but I can not wait to see how you tackle the list!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. thanks Kelly!
    I'm wondering how I'll tackle it...haha


  3. Flowers - DONT spend money on real cut flowers. Such a waste. My fabric bouquet still sits on our bookshelf for me to look at anytime I want. For my bridesmaids I killed two birds with one stone and got them black clutches with interior fabric in their favorite colors as their gift. They held those at the ceremony instead of flowers. To this day I still catch them using their clutches as purses for going out on the town.

    Music... we used our ipod and it was great. We had people choose songs they wanted to hear on our website and made sure they were part of the playlist

    We spent hardly any money on our wedding and looking back I still can think of things I wish we would have cut back on. It looks like you're in the right mind set though :)