Monday, June 13, 2016

Week's End || June 12

1|| I had a subpar experience at a nail salon here in town that is also in every city. I used to like them a lot, but since that experience, I decided to try and go locally owned and operated. I found a lady who does gel nails out of her home and I'm still so in love with them! I'm super happy that I found such a wonderful lady in town, as I know I'm supporting her family rather than some CEO's yacht fund. #supportlocal
2|| I snagged this pink tumbler from Starbucks when I met an old friend for coffee last week, and I'm so glad I did. Drinking my water out of a straw seems to help me get more water in throughout the day...just me? I've been getting in 3 of these every day during my work week, and it's 709ml/24oz! In this picture, I put mint leaves and some frozen blueberries - my favourite!
3|| Despite attempting my fifth round of Whole30 and only making it to day 13, I still try to eat as clean as possible. I've found a lot of recipes for their mayo but I like mine the best! It's almost a ranch, but it's more like a garlic mayo. I've been obsessed for 2 weeks now with dipping my home made french fries in it. So. Good. Would you like me to share the recipe?
4|| I went into Michael's to grab some craft like, 3 things. I ended up coming out with 10 things including this mug! I love the floral pattern and the message. It's my new go-to mug in the mornings.

1|| I blogged once this week...and here it is!
2|| Cara is back to blogging, and she's starting out with a giveaway - maybe I shouldn't share it so I'd have a better chance of winning ;)

It's been on my mind, like everyday. I want to jump back into blogging! I would love to make this Week's End a link up, but I'm not quite there yet. I only have 12 instructional days of work left, then it's Summer break and I'll definitely have more time, and hopefully more energy. My body basically shut down from a wicked sinus infection that traveled to my wisdom tooth, and I haven't run or exercised really in almost 4 weeks. My infections are gone (gosh, that sounds gross, haha!) and I really don't have an excuse anymore. I'm lacking motivation, I think.

Do you have your own blog? I'd love to read your latest post!
Would you be interested in doing a Week's End link up every Sunday/Monday?

xo. Nicole

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