Saturday, February 27, 2016


One of the things I really enjoy while being off Whole30 is smoothies! I've gotten super tired of eggs, salsa, and spinach in the mornings for breakfast, to the point where I didn't even want to eat. The past two weeks have been great with a smoothie on my way to work! It doesn't keep me as full as physically chewing and swallowing my food, and it also has less protein, but it's tasty and quick.
I do my best to keep the ingredients in my smoothies as Whole30 as possible. I've never liked milk, so I don't put yogurt or milk in. I was just using water until I came across my favourite pineapple coconut water from Vita Coco! Pictured here is: Banana, almond butter, pineapple coconut water, spinach, frozen strawberries. Not pictured: cinnamon and unsweetened coconut (generally used as a garnish, but sometimes I'll blend it in).
It usually turns out a weird brown colour, but don't let that fool you! The smoothie pictured above has more strawberries than spinach. I found I wasn't getting enough spinach in the Magic Bullet cup if I blended the fruit first, so now I shove spinach in first with the almond butter, coconut water, and strawberries before I add the bananas (yes, plural). As you can see in the right hand picture below, I put the spinach in first and it's more green than brown!
I'm probably going to start venturing into eggs for breakfast again, but I need new recipes! The quiche that I make is really yummy, but it's over stayed it's welcome here. I've seen some recipes for n'oatmeal (it's not actually oatmeal, so it's gluten free and the recipes are generally Whole30 ingredient friendly), and I think they'd be great to try out. 

What are your favourite breakfast recipes? Even if they aren't exactly Whole30 friendly, I can alter some ingredients so don't be afraid to share! 

xo. Nicole

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