Monday, July 1, 2013

Media Swap with Crafted Love

Allison from Crafted Love tweeted a couple weeks ago about doing a media swap and I jumped right in! I saw it as a chance to practice using photoshop and to have some lovely work from Allison hanging on my wall ;) We agreed on an 11x17 poster and went to work!

I'd have to say she did a really awesome job! I couldn't find the right frame for it, so I've just left it on the wall using push pins. Also, I only have an iPhone for a camera so pardon the quality. It's very sharp and colorful on my wall in person!

Allison also did the design of my current blog layout! I'm dreaming up names and colors for my blog, as I'm not sure "A Broke Bride" really fits me anymore because I'm married now! Still broke, though...

You can check out Allison's blog, Crafted Love
xo. Nicole

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