Friday, March 29, 2013

What's New?

Hey guys! As you can see, A Broke Bride received a new layout from Allison at Crafted Love! She did such an amazing job for me on the invitations and the layout, and I think we really bonded (also because their new foster pup looks pretty similar to Gunner...)
There are seriously only 80 days left until the wedding! That's 2 and a half months. There's still quite a bit to get done but it's all coming along :) As a part of the wedding planning, I decided to get my hair dyed red! I'll have better pictures pretty soon because right now we're in the process of moving units in our building because of a pretty ridiculous situation. We'll be less stressed and I'm already relaxing with just having Rob and I in our own place instead of with a room mate.
Photo courtesy of Aimee Madeline Photography

The invitations were mailed as I've previously mentioned in a post and I've been getting everyone's pictures of them receiving their invites! My sister took this picture of the RSVP. Allison designed these! It's sooo exciting to open the mailbox to find someone has RSVP'd.

I'm going to be back to regular posting now that my motivation is back with the new layout! :)

xo. Nicole

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